Ginkgo Biloba

What is Ginkgo Biloba? In brain supplements, ginkgo biloba refers to extract taken from the leaves of a 200 million-year-old tree species.


  • Vasodilator; enhances blood flow to the brain.
  • Energizer; helps the brain utilize oxygen.
  • Antioxidant; protects brain from oxidative stress.

Ginkgo Biloba Benefits

Considered a “living fossil,” Ginkgo biloba may be the oldest tree species in the world. Remarkably, ginkgo trees thrived millions of years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Modern ginkgo trees show longevity that mirrors that of the species as a whole – individual trees have been found to live up to 3,000 years.

A cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginkgo biloba has long been heralded for its healing powers. Today, modern research has validated that the ancient herb appears to have many brain-supportive bio-activities that could account for its reputation as a memory booster and powerful brain health herb:

  • Ginkgo is known as a vasodilator; a compound that enhances circulation to the body’s extremities and help support healthy blood flow to the brain.
  • As it boosts circulation to the brain, ginkgo maximizes delivery of oxygen the brain needs for energy, promoting energized cognitive performance.
  • Ginkgo for circulation also maximizes deliver of other neuronutrients found in foods and brain supplements — nourishing the brain for sharp, fast mental processing.
  •  Ginkgo biloba benefits for circulation also appear to enhance the availability of the memory neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
  • Ginkgo biloba is also a powerful antioxidant, and in that capacity may also help to fight the damaging oxidative stress that is associated with cognitive decline.

All these activities back the use of Ginkgo Biloba for Brain Health.

Researchers continue to study how ginkgo biloba benefits memory, learning, mental processing speed, and overall cognitive function.

Did you know? An ancient record suggests that ginkgo leaf was used therapeutically in China 2800 years ago for one of the same reasons it is used for today: to improve blood flow.

In addition to brain health, researchers are now conducting in-depth trials that investigate ginkgo’s impact on a wide range of conditions, including glaucoma, mood problems, vertigo and other more serious age-related conditions. Across all these other areas of wellness, ginkgo biloba benefits for circulation and antioxidant defenses may offer even more nutritional support for health.

Ginkgo Biloba Research

A 2002 study that assessed 66 volunteers aged 50-65 found that participants receiving 240 mg of standardized ginkgo biloba extract enjoyed improved mental performance, sharper memory, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

BOTTOM LINE BRAIN BENEFITS: Ginkgo helps improve memory, especially occasional mild memory problems associated with aging.

BONUS! Check out this cool video on cerebral circulation:

As you watch, consider how ginkgo boosts circulation to the brain and optimizes cerebral circulation — and how this critical bio-activity supports both brain health and function.

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