NADH Benefits

Dopamine Booster | Brain Fog Buster | Memory Sharpener

What is NADH?

NADH is a coenzyme related to the B-family of vitamins. NADH benefits brain fog sufferers. It also helps sharpen diverse aspects of cognitive function. Bio-Activities:

  • Brain Cell Energizer, playing a key role in sparking and maintaining neural ATP energy production
  • Neurotransmitter Enhancer; NADH boosts dopamine, a brain chemical associated with positive mood and clear-minded focus

What is NADH good for?

NADH benefits for brain cell energy have made it a popular supplement for brain fog. Its association with new learning and absorbing knowledge have positioned it as a brain supplement for students and professional achievers. Its neurotransmitter-enhancing abilities may make NADH a useful supplement for mood. NADH works to promote dopamine feelings like relaxation, positivity and bliss.

NADH Benefits

NADH benefits energy production in the brain, promoting an energized and active mind. NADH is concentrated in brain cells. Here, it combines with oxygen to make ATP, the “electrical currency” molecule. ATP enables electron exchanges that power everything we do. The brain is a high-energy organ.

  • NADH re-charges the brain on a cellular level, helping to bust brain fog and fuel quick thinking.

NADH benefits brain dopamine levels. Dopamine is famously known as a “feel good” compound. When it is released by brain cells in the frontal cortex, dopamine sends chemical signals that we recognize as reward, motivation, pleasure and euphoria.

  • NADH-dopamine interplay is also associated with focus and concentration, and may also sharpen memory and improve attention span.

NADH benefits dopamine levels in the brain, promoting positive feelings of reward and pleasure.

As it boosts dopamine and energizes brain cells, NADH benefits mood and busts brain fog.

Did you know? NADH has been found to naturally decline in our brains and bodies as we grow older. NADH supplements may help to replenish the nutrient to levels that are associated with clear thinking and an energized mind.

NADH Research: Help for Chronic Fatigue

One review of 26 different research studies totaling over 3,000 subjects tested how different nutritional supplements might help with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Of the 17 supplements that were evaluated in the review, only two were found to have a positive effect: NADH and magnesium. Associated with diminished mind-body vitality, CFS is often accompanied by brain fog symptoms. NADH may help to clear sluggish thinking and sluggish energy in those with CFS.

NADH Supplement Use

NADH supplement products may be standalone formulas or complexes, blending the compound with other neuronutrients. NADH side effects are rare when supplements are taken as directed; the body is already familiar with the compound because it already exists in most of the body’s cells.

NADH Dosage

NADH dosage has typically ranged between 10 to 20 mg daily in clinical trials that supported NADH benefits for various aspects of cognitive health. NADH supplements are often formulated to supply between 5 and 20 mg of the compound.

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