What Are Brain Supplements?

Brain supplements provide “neuronutrients.” These natural compounds enhance many different aspects of cognitive health & performance.

Brain supplements may enhance and maintain brain health with the right neuronutrients.

Brain health may be enhanced and maintained with the right neuro-nutrients.

Supplements for brain health are more popular than ever. Today, more people across a wider age range want to boost their brainpower for even more diverse reasons.

Those seeking brain nutrition may be in luck: The category includes an assortment of neuronutrients that are backed by strong clinical evidence and by traditional use.

From ancient herbs to compounds isolated as recently as 2006, today’s brain supplements address a spectrum of cognitive concerns:


Supplements for memory are popular. In fact, they may be the Gold Standard. Behind memory supplement demand may be our increasing knowledge of age-related memory loss. We also have new insight on AAMI (age-associated memory impairment). AAMI is often seen in younger 50s age groups. Herbal extracts are often used for memory support. Of these, Ginkgo biloba may be the best, with strong scientific and historical precedent.

Brain Fog

Clouded, sluggish thinking. Feeling “in a haze.” Trouble focusing. Brain fog is an elusive issue that can be associated with even younger age groups. It is sometimes linked with hormonal imbalances and changes like menopause. Brain fog supplements have bio-activities that are believed to “energize” fogged minds. They may be a safe, natural way for menopausal and younger age groups to restore mental clarity.

Mood Problems

Feeling “stuck in the muck” can sap motivation, leaving you blue. Occasional days feeling down in the dumps can affect anyone, at any time. Mood problems like stress and anxiety are also increasingly common. Synthetic drugs are widely prescribed, but may have side effects that aren’t right for everyone. Herbs for mood that have been successfully used since ancient times — such as St. John’s Wort — are now available as modern brain supplements that are potent and standardized.

Cognitive Decline

Over 8,000 people are turning 60 every day. These groups will live longer than any generation in history. This is great! But it also means a larger number of elderly adults will experience the age-related cognitive decline. These issues — including dementia — can destroy quality of life. Supplements for cognitive decline include compounds that help make new brain cells. Some of these, especially PS, have been shown in strong research to help slow the negative effects aging can have on brain health.

Cognitive Performance

Some younger age groups are taking brain supplements that have to do nothing to do age. Instead, they want to try nutrients to take good cognitive performance and enhance it to a whole new level of brainpower. These groups may include students and ambitious professionals. Supplements in this category often sharpen mental focus. They may also promote cerebral circulation. This activity helps oxygenate and nourish the brain. Brain supplements in this category present a natural way for mental achievers to gain an edge.

Brain Supplements vs. Nootropics: What’s the Difference?

If you are interested in brain supplements, you may have seen the term “Nootropics” in your research. But what are they?

Nootropics are a class of brain supplements that offer specialized benefits for cognitive performance: Stuff like thinking faster, improving attention, enhancing verbal ability and boosting short-term memory & recall.

Brain Supplements are broader; they include nootropics, but also emphasize overall brain function, brain anti-aging, brain inflammation, and other brain-healthy benefits you might not necessarily feel as “performance.”

This site covers Brain Supplements in general. If you are interested in learning more about brain-boosting nootropics specifically, we recommend you check out the great in-depth Nootropics Guide at Supplements In Review.

How Brain Supplements Work

Taking a range of brain health supplements may be a smart strategy. Different neuronutrients help the brain in different ways. However, many neuronutrients share certain biological activities. Almost all brain supplements fall in one of these categories:

  • Building blocks.The brain is capable of regenerating brain cells. Building block nutrients are “raw materials” used to create new brain cells.
  • Energizers. The brain is an energy-intensive organ. Creating new brain cells is especially draining. Some neuronutrients charge the brain with natural energy.
  • Neurotransmitters.The brain creates chemicals that are used for nerve transmission. Neuronutrients help the brain synthesize and use these chemicals.
  • Antioxidants.Toxins assault the brain with damaging free radicals, which accelerate degradation. Antioxidants help protect the brain from radicals.
  • Vasodilators. Vasodilators help boost blood flow to the brain. This nourishes the brain with healthy neuronutrients and energizing oxygen.

Brain-dulling forces attack memory. Thinking may slow down. Focus may be fogged. There are many different factors that affect our brain health. Thankfully, natural neuro nutrients promote multifaceted brain health support. No one brain supplement can do it all. Nut a “dream team” of brain supplements may help maximize mental performance.  

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